These are some examples of my work from the last decade or so. I can still clearly remember what some components felt like as I worked with them, or where I acquired the bits, even many years later. Each work really does have its own story; slightly battered and time-worn, complex, colourful and multi-dimensional with a legacy that, paradoxically, invests it with a long, loved future, unlike its mass-produced equivalent.

The quintessence of Imperfectionism

I was a late arrival to the joys of Dr Seuss' drawings. Combine that with an enduring, but selective, love of the work of the early Modernists, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, International and Bauhaus and, just because it can be done spectacularly well and lends itself to working with industrial discards, Steam Punk. Unfortunately all of these are often artistically over-subscribed represented by very token and mediocre work, which is why I borrow influences rather than attempting to be a purist in any style. I have long had a love of physics, mathematics, history and philosophy, so these also impress upon my work, although sometimes more in the titles than the works themselves. And humour. Without it, why bother with anything...

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