Mnemosyne, Greek goddess of memory, was the mother of the nine muses.

Functional art, when classically crafted from previously-used materials, is a contemporary manifestation of these daughters of memory. Evocations of histories unseen, stories untold and old myths long forgotten etched in the textures of hand-worn corners, scuffed finishes, much-repaired fastenings, dents, bumps and cracks, throwbacks of shape to earlier times. 

It's easy to succumb to the loveliness of a salvaged time-worn object, especially if nature had a hand in it.  Many do, but ad hoc execution rarely succeeds - merely adhering one object to another is not art.

Achieving that lies in bringing together, with the discipline of an engineer and the passion of an artistic and philosophical soul, disparate pieces of other peoples’ discarded life items, seeking, inventing, imagining ways to bind, blend and combine them. This process takes place over many frustrating  days and restless nights, often discovering at the end that the finished work is insufficient, inadequate...simply wrong, so disassembling it and starting all over again.

One must observe and implement balance, proportion, tone, along with utter honesty to the inner daemon. This ultimately leads to a singular creation with its own scarred beauty, partly aggregated from its component pieces but artistically greater than their sum, that carries all the memories of its separate pasts into a smile-evoking future history.

I call this style Imperfectionism*.

Such is ReDeux.

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